The Much Awaited Idle Heroes Events Calendar for 2019 is Here!

Idle Heroes Events is something is more sought after by the regular players and it succeeds in adding an engagement factor to the game.
The primary reason for the hype behind Idle Heroes Events is the due to the fact that it governs a player’s progress to a great extent.
It is highly probable that you might end up getting some really rare heroes only if you know how to make use of the Idle Heroes Events efficiently.

The following could be the list of Idle Heroes Events we could potentially look forward to in 2019:-

February Update for Idle Heroes Events:-

Prediction: The next Idle Heroes events will last for 3 weeks:

  • 02-01: Gem Boxes + Shop Event (Campaign drops) + Altar Exchange + Heroic Summon (New Light Hero) + Chinese New Year Event
  • 02-15: Valentine event – STAY SUBSCRIBED for more updates on this event.Idle Heroes Event Calendar for February 2019

Idle Heroes Event on February 1st 2019:

This could be a potential fortnightly event with Gem Boxes , Shop Events along with the Chinese New Year Events, Altar and New Light Hero launch in the Heroic Summon.

Idle Heroes Event on February 15th 2019:

There will be a Prophet Orbs , Heroic Miracle and Blacksmith event.

January Update for Idle Heroes Events:-

If the developers are looking at having another heroic summons before the chinese new year

  • Blacksmith + Hero Exchange + Heroic Summons (Aspen or maybe new Forest Hero)

If they wish to skip heroic summons for this rotation

  • Blacksmith + Heroic Miracle + Prophet Orbs

We wish to keep you posted with the latest events and this post will be updated on a weekly basis.

January 18th 2019 – Celestial Claim All Button Added

DHGames has given you the option to collect all of the mines on Celestial Island with just one click! This is definitely a welcome update considering that mine collection is a daily and compulsory activity in Celestial Island.

Idle Heroes Update Claim All Button Celestial Island

Idle Heroes Event on January 25th 2019:

There will be a Shelter and Casino Wishing Fountain Event.


Updated Idle Heroes Event Calendar for January 2019 – Updated Every Week!!

idle heroes chinese new year events 2019

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