How to Reroll in Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is not designed for players who love quick completion games. It involves a lot of strategy and effective utilization of resources and heroes to wage your way through the various levels.

More often than not, beginners get stuck at a particular level and struggle to make any progress. When I started playing Idle Heroes, I was thrilled and at the same time I was confident that I am going to conquer this game in no time as I reached level 62 with ease and without applying a lot of strategies (except for Celestial Island).

However, once I was at level 62, resources were hard to come by and I was stuck at one point in the Campaign in Forgotten Icefield and couldn’t progress any further even though I was upgrading my heroes with all the resources which I was accumulating with daily quests, challenges, arena quests and so on.

It was at this point when I considered rerolling in Idle Heroes!

What is Reroll?

Reroll means starting over again from Level 1 and applying all your experience from the previous journey and coming back with a new strategy to conquer the game.

Reroll in Idle Heroes means starting over from scratch on a new server. It is often a debatable decision whether you should consider reroll or not but in my opinion it depends solely on an individual mindset about the game and the level of patience he/she has.

Why Do Players Reroll in Idle Heroes?

The most common reasons for players (especially beginners) rerolling in Idle Heroes is because they don’t find fascinating heroes and get frustrated with subsequent defeats. However, from my experience, Idle Heroes is about having ample patience and figuring out the right strategy at every segment of the game.

Rerolling is not really the right option especially when you are new and are stuck in level 60-70 especially when Idle Heroes provides the option of playing the game in multiple servers and rerolling might end up either ways for a beginner.


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