NEW Event Update! The New Idle Heroes Diamond Fund – All That You Need to Know!

The Diamond Fund is a part of the latest update of Idle Heroes and it has got the Idle Heroes’ fan community up on their feet!

What is the Diamond Fund?

According to the in-game notice (V1.16.70 update), The Diamond Fund is an in-game purchase (NEW Event!), which is basically a set of rewards which will be credited to the player once they reach a specified level.
Idle Heroes Diamond Fund
However, the exact details of the Diamond Fund are as follows:-

Upon paying 11 Euros or ~$12 , you will be eligible for the following amount of gems upon completion of the specified level.

Level Completion RequiredNo Of Gems

In a nutshell, a player who has completed Level 150 will be instantly credited with 20,000 Gems instantly! Now that’s a steal deal on any day and I am sure every Idle Hero fan would agree with me.

The Diamond Fund is receiving a huge applause already, thanks to the value it provides in terms of the number of gems. The online fan community of Idle Heroes are all excited with the Diamond fund for sure. This comes in just after a period of time where the fans were irked with the scarcity of gems which has to be dealt with after making some significant progress in the game.

The Diamond Fund is valid only once per user. Make ‘Gems’ while the sun shines guys!

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