Upcoming Idle Heroes Events for Chinese New Year! <<(UPDATED 28-JAN-2019)>>

It’s now official !! (UPDATED 28-JAN-2019)

  • Prosperity Card will be available soon! Enjoy the super value for 15 days!
  • Skerei Spring Limited Skin – Monster Nian , is coming to you!

Idle Heroes Chinese New Year Events

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and Idle Heroes’ fans have got every reason to be excited about it.

Our sources in the Idle Heroes Community have shared a few potential events which could keep the fans hooked to the game like never before!

There are a number of posters which have been interpreted by us and we are pretty sure about its authenticity!

Vesa Poster – What to Interpret?

  • Gem Box indicates that there is a possibility of a Gem Box Event which is definitely one of the top priorities for Idle Heroes beginners.
  • A ‘mystery’ bag which we assume should have some great rewards for every player.
  • A New Year Card – Awaiting further updates regarding what this could mean.
  • Lucky Money Bag which could potentially be the next event item.

Valkyrie Poster – What to Interpret?

Idle Heroes Mastery expects exciting new Oblivion Tower levels! Yes! We are as excited as you are!

Xia Poster – What to Interpret?

As described in the Vesa Poster description, we expect a cool drop event during the Chinese New Year which is the Lucky Money Bag we spoke about.

Starlight Poster – What to Interpret?

The Starlight Poster has a monster in it which we guess should be the monster which a player has to win over in this particular event. Did you notice? Valkyrie and Starlight have amazing new skins.


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