What is an Event Raid in Idle Heroes?

Welcome to the Beginner Guides series from Idle Heroes Mastery. When I was a beginner, I was a part of several online communities for Idle Heroes in Reddit, Facebook and other external forums. More often than not, I used to wonder what a lot of terms actually mean and that didn’t help me in being a part of the discussion or improving my strategy/progress by any means.

These series of posts have been carefully curated for every beginner who wishes to do well in this epic Idle RPG game.

What is an Event Raid?

Event Raid Preview

If you wish to scale up quickly there are certain tips for an Idle Heroes’ beginner and the primary tip is to make use of the three challenges – Gold Challenge, Brave Challenge and Hero Challenge and this is what an Event raid is all about.

An Event Raid helps you to get vital resources every day and it is to be found in the drop down menu in the top right corner.

The three challenges have their own tiers for you to scale up and you  will be allowed to two free chances in each of the challenges.

Free Chances for Tier attempts in Event Raid – 2

Reward for Completing 2 Event Raids Daily – 20 gemsidle heroes gem icon – (From Daily Quests)

Additional Cost for Attempts if you are a VIP – 50 gemsidle heroes gem icon each – Refer to the chart below:

VIP LevelVIP Level 1VIP Level 2VIP Level 3VIP Level 4VIP Level 5VIP Level 6VIP Level 7VIP Level 8VIP Level 9VIP Level 10VIP Level 11VIP Level 12VIP Level 13
Buy times1122334455556

Let’s have a detailed look at each Challenge in detail :

Gold Challenge

Compared to other resources in Idle Heroes, gold is the most important one from a beginner’s perspective.

Gold Challenge unlocks after Level 20 and the amount of Gold you get increases according to the number of tiers which have been completed.

Free Chances for Tier attempts in Gold Challenge – 2

TierRewardPowerPlayer Level
Event Raid Challenge Stage 1 60K Gold-iconPower 3K30
Event Raid Challenge Stage 2 90K Gold-iconPower 8K45
Event Raid Challenge Stage 3110K Gold-iconPower 15K60
Event Raid Challenge Stage 4130K Gold-iconPower 30K75
Event Raid Challenge Stage 5150K Gold-iconPower 45K90
Event Raid Challenge Stage 6200K Gold-iconPower 70K105
Event Raid Challenge Stage 7250K Gold-iconPower 95K120
Event Raid Challenge Stage 8400K Gold-iconPower 150K150

Brave Challenge

Brave Challenge unlocks after Level 25 and you would have to brave your way across the various tiers for Spirit-icon spirit and Hero Promotion Stone-icon Hero promotion stones.

Free Chances for Tier attempts in Brave Challenge – 2

As mentioned earlier in this post, VIP access allows you to buy additional chances depending on your level.

TierRewardPowerPlayer Level
Event Raid Challenge Stage 1 10K Spirit-icon, 10x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 3K35
Event Raid Challenge Stage 2 25K Spirit-icon, 15x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 8K50
Event Raid Challenge Stage 3 50K Spirit-icon, 20x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 15K65
Event Raid Challenge Stage 4 70K Spirit-icon, 25x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 30K80
Event Raid Challenge Stage 5100K Spirit-icon, 30x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 45K95
Event Raid Challenge Stage 6140K Spirit-icon, 35x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 70K110
Event Raid Challenge Stage 7180K Spirit-icon, 40x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 95K125
Event Raid Challenge Stage 8250K Spirit-icon, 50x Hero Promotion Stone-iconPower 150K155

Hero Challenge

Hero Challenge unlocks after Level 30 and you are fighting for 3 Star Hero Shard-icon 3 Star Hero Shards and 4 Star Hero Shard-icon 4 Star Hero Shards.

Free Chances for Tier attempts in Hero Challenge – 2

As mentioned earlier in this post, VIP access allows you to buy additional chances depending on your level.

TierRewardPowerPlayer Level
Event Raid Challenge Stage 110x 3 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 3K40
Event Raid Challenge Stage 220x 3 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 8K55
Event Raid Challenge Stage 320x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon,  5x 4 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 15K70
Event Raid Challenge Stage 420x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon, 10x 4 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 30K85
Event Raid Challenge Stage 520x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon, 15x 4 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 45K100
Event Raid Challenge Stage 630x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon, 20x 4 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 70K115
Event Raid Challenge Stage 730x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon, 25x 4 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 95K130
Event Raid Challenge Stage 830x 3 Star Hero Shard-icon, 30x 4 Star Hero Shard-iconPower 150K160

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