What is Marauders in Idle Heroes – The Complete Guide

Marauders are an interesting part of the Idle Heroes journey. Marauders come into picture once you have crossed Level 36 and you can find them in the Friends List. Marauders are the PvE big bosses you would have fun encountering with as you progress in the game.

How to Scout for Marauders?

You can go ahead and find the Marauders in the Help Find  menu once in every 8 hours ( if it is your lucky day). If you do not have success in finding your marauder, you will be rewarded with gold Gold or spirit Spirit.

What Happens After I find a Marauder?

Once you’ve scouted a marauder successfully, you have the opportunity to attack the marauder for valuable rewards.

To attack a marauder, it will cost one Stamina point and you earn a Stamina point once in 2 hours. (Max Stamina Cap Limit : 10)idle heroes marauders tips

The Marauder Battle Guide

What does one gain while attacking a marauder apart from rewards? Well, it’s a lot more than that. For each battle, you as a player accumulate ranking points and this helps you surge your way through the Leaderboard which is available in the Help fight section. The Leaderboard gets reset once in every week.

The tougher the Marauder is, the more points you earn for every damage.

The damage gets accumulated for every battle and it’s a good news in cases where you cannot defeat the marauder in a single battle.

Considering that you and your friends get a shot at the marauder, the one who calls the battle and the one who kills it are both rewarded with a particular amount of gem Gems which is illustrated in detail in the table below: –

MaraudersBoss levelPlayer LevelMax Player Level AllowedPoint/Damagegem Rewards
idle heroes nightmare-knight idle heroes time-mage idle heroes wind-walker6041-601/7508030
idle heroes aidan idle heroes demon-hunter9063-901/56016050
idle heroes dark-arthindol12091-1101601/30032080
idle heroes Malasa130111-1301801/30032080
idle heroes Margaret140131-1451/30032080
idle heroes walter160146-1802401/22032080
idle heroes OD-01 10 Stars250181-2002601/16032080
idle heroes Kamath 10 Stars300201-2401/12032080
idle heroes Sigmund 10 Stars320241+4001/10032080

Marauder Battle Tips

  • Marauders are blessed with a lot of HP and a pretty average attack so your whole team can give a tough resistance provided you have a solid ‘healer’ in your team.
  • Aleria is a pretty good option and the stats when it comes to the attack steal is a game changer when placed in the first row.

What’s the Idle Heroes Marauders Update All About?

Towards the end of 2018, DH Games – the maker of Idle Heroes came up with an update related to Marauders which caps the maximum level a player can be in for taking a shot at a marauder (Refer to the Max Player Level Allowed column in the table above)

idle heroes marauders

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