Wishing Coin (Casino) Event – What You Should Know!

While Idle Heroes’ Chinese New Year Events are having its players all excited about it, there’s a wishing coin event which has got the players in a bit of a dilemma.


A bunch of fans were confused if they should go ahead with the second completion of the event or rather wait for a better one to come by.

If this is the question ringing in your mind as well, Idle Heroes Mastery advises this:-

  • Considering the events lined up for Chinese New Year, we feel that the chances to have a better Wishing Well event is pretty slim.
  • You may use the current event if you are dire need for more POs or gold idle heroes gold iconor artifact fodder.

Go ahead and wait if you would like to see the probable cycle of factions. A Forest Hero is the next predicted hero and if your priorities are forest fodder over abyss, we would suggest you to stay away from this and hold on for the next Wishing Coin Event.

In a nutshell, make hay while the sun shines – it can’t get better than this.

Skip this event only if you have enough POs and are not in need of fodder by any means!

A detailed Wishing Fountain guide will follow this post. Stay tuned..

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